The Amazing Race

This is the final Animation I did For the Art 314 class. In it two space age hover cars race neck and neck through a virtual reality.  I hope you enjoy.


Digital darts

i ii dart board midway point


When it came time to conceptualize my realism project my mind almost immediately came to the dart board. By taking the traditional place setting and flipping it sideways, a tension is automatically created.  As for the design of the darts I decided to make them based on a surrealistic aesthetic rather than a aerodynamic one.  I have always loved the idea that as an artist I am in a unique position to make the impossible possible (visually at least). This is how I imagine they play the game in space.


“The first real Maya experience” this was quite an introduction to me on what was possible with the program.  Although I had experience animating going into this class, this was the first time I was able to make a fully realized animation in 3 dimensions. I especially had fun exploring the dynamic camera and light controls.  When I conceptualized the project, I thought of a puzzle coming together like a reverse game of Jenga.